Published in:
Common Ground Review 14.1 (Spring/Summer 2012)

Pages: 74-79

Editors: Janet Bowdan

Publisher: Western New England University
(Springfield, MA, USA)

ISBN: 978-0-615-65456-0



I cannot go to university anymore. It’s been too long and the first year law students are looking like baa-lambs. To them I must seem very old. Girls fresh from school ask me for directions but I’m as lost as they are. It’s a big campus; and besides, they’re always erecting new buildings. You go away for a few years and everything changes.


Spring/Summer Fiction Spotlight

Stimulus Response: Submissions often can be a long time away from home before eliciting any sort of response. Programmes like Brimstone and Firefly have run a part-season and been canned by Fox; nuclear winters have passed blithely into spring romance; the question to the ultimate answer has been calculated three times over: and all before some plucky stories can slip through the 'net and find their way home. Little surprise, then, that alacrity punctuates my favourite ever acceptance letter:

Dear Mr. Edwards,
As it happens, we were reviewing the fiction submissions for our next issue today when yours came in. I am pleased to tell you that the editors have accepted "Wanderlust" for publication in Common Ground Review. We hope that, given the time difference and the International Date Line, we have actually accepted your story before you have sent it.

Oh, that's good. (And for anybody who bothered to think about it back when Y2K bugs loomed Hitchcock-like over the breaking of the new millennium, it's the magic of time differences that took Jane Garvey's pledge to be flying at midnight US time and shoved it embarrassedly back into the hat. Yes, New Zealand went first and -- cue the 20-hour lag -- presto! Everything's safe in America.)


  - random selection from the unpublished memoire, Freefall