Published in: Murky Depths 17 (2011)

Pages: 28-33.

Editor: Terry Martin

Internal Illustration: Dan Havardi

Publisher: The House of Murky Depths (UK)

ISBN: 978-1-906584-28-3

ISBN: 1752-5586



In a depraved future, restaurant dining offers up some unexpected entertainments…


Jacob Edwards' 20/10 is a surreal story of extreme dining-style thrill-seeking told from a character aging out of a place of understanding. Earl is an immediately sympathetic character, with an immediately sympathetic conflict made worse by being thrown into a mindlessly gory plot. Rather than just turning the story into another mindless horror tale it sets an engaging contrast between setting, genre and character.

- Michele Lee, Review: Murky Depths #17, posted Oct 4, 2011 [full review]

Stimulus Response:

In recent (distinguished) years I've been cultivating a theory about maturity; namely, that a person can be said to have become truly wise only once they have to stop and think when asked how old they are. Especially portentous is when the number in question cannot be dredged from memory, and has instead to be calculated by counting up from the year of birth. Any thoughts you've had before this point in life - forget them. Your world view has barely begun to ferment.


  - random selection from the unpublished memoire, Freefall