Tweet It / (Re)Tweet It

Tweet It
Part I:
Tweet It
Published in:
Hawai'i Pacific Review 27 (2013)

Pages: 147-148.

Editor: Dr. Patrice M. Wilson

Place of Publication: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

ISBN: 978-0-9824657-3-8

ISSN: 1047-4331

Link: Hawaii Pacific Review

Retweet It
Part II:
(Re)Tweet It
Published in:
Perceptions (2013)

Page: 94.

Editor:  Megan Jones

Place of Publication:  Oregon, USA

Link: Perceptions

Facebook (27 October, 2014) Hereabouts.


In which Michael Jackson's Beat It is revisited for the benefit of twitwits.

Stimulus Response:

Such is my antipathy towards tweeting -- not so much conceptually but in the nigh ubiquitous banality of its usage throughout the world -- that poetic harangues go sizzling between my synapses, demanding to be scribbled down and broadcast to all and sundry. How sweet (Monty Python-esque pause) to be a hypocrite. But no, I've yet to succumb. It's tempting, though... Hey, I just ate breakfast. You too? Really? Of all the billions of people in the world, who'd have thought it? Wow, maybe there are others. #ijustatebreakfast Cor, blimey! What a conversation this could be. Here's a picture of my breakfast. Before I ate it. After I ate it. #justkidding #hahaha As anyone who tracks down Tweet It or (Re)Tweet It will intuit, I'll have to be prised out of a titanium-reinforced mind-set, bludgeoned with black puddings and drafted at gunpoint before I withhold my consent but am made anyway to join the ranks of indiscriminate stream-of-consciousness purveyors. #kickingandscreaming And even then, I may not tell anyone. Not even if I stub my toe along the way. #ouch #thisisnotthestartofanoughtsandcrossesgame #ohforfuckssakesomeofuslikepunctuation

  - random selection from the unpublished memoire, Freefall