Cometh the HOW R U,
Cometh the Man


Published in: 2013: The Aftermath (2010)

Pages: 11-21.

Editors: Shane McKenzie & Jessy Marie Roberts

Publisher: Pill Hill Press (Chadron, Nebraska, USA)

ISBN: 978-1-61706-033-5


In post-apocalyptic Brisbane three survivors come to understand love, language and the unspoken truth of the cataclysm.

Stimulus Response:

It's easy as a language pedant to overheat and start throwing saucepans at the world. One should be particularly wary of internet comments. I saw a picture the other day, captioned, "Such-and-Such and Me on the Such-and-Such Show". Yes, the details elude me, but I remember that someone had commented a correction: "Such-and-Such and I" - which I thought was perhaps unnecessary. (If nothing else, the caption could be viewed as having an assumed "Look at..." in front of it.) But then someone else had corrected the corrector, most incorrectly and with great derision. "Such-and-Such and I?" they mocked. "What if it was just one person? You wouldn't say 'I on the Such-and-Such Show', would you? Ha-ha, how ridiculous!" And I thought to myself, Well, yes, you would. Or should. And it was touch and go for a minute, but then I felt steam on my earlobes and cursed myself. Why am I reading this? No, really. Why? And so I stopped. Troglodition was a story that began life in one such saucepan, simmering away. Like language, it changed a lot over time. Appropriately enough, the publishers chopped a bit off the title, rendering it utterly nonsensical.

  - random selection from the unpublished memoire, Freefall