The Overlander

The Overlander

Published in: After Death... 2013 Bram Stoker Award Winner for Superior Achievement in Anthology!

Pages: 121-124.

Editor: Eric J. Guignard

Illustrator: Audra Phillips

Publisher: Dark Moon Books, Florida, USA

ISBN: 0-9885569-2-8

ISBN: 0-9885569-2-8



"I died somewhere just off the Maranoa on May 19, 1912. I've been dead for just over a hundred years now. For me, the wallaby track never grows old."


I would like to dedicate The Overlander to my grandfather, Wal Edwards (1916-1993), who left home while still a very young man and found work as a drover during the Great Depression. Wal taught himself bushcraft, thinking his way through problems while at the same time becoming both a strong swimmer (with his own technique for traversing flooded creeks) and the most natural looking of horsemen, wonderfully at ease in the saddle. A shy, self-effacing man with a puckishly dry sense of humour, Wal was never one to boast of his talents or bemoan the hardships of his early life. Instead, having served in Australia's 62nd Battalion (New Guinea) during the Second World War, he devoted himself to raising a family - becoming a husband to Gwen, then father to Dave, Jill and Marg, and eventually grandfather to Garth, Jake and Sam. Though never losing his love of the outback, it was with family that Wal felt most at home - with the people he cherished and who will long hold him dear for having lived a gentle life of love and courage.


  - random selection from the unpublished memoire, Freefall