Star Bright

Published in: The Germ 1 (Spring 2013)

Page: 25

Editor: Sara Bickley

Place of Publication: Ohio, USA


In which Richard Dawkins is eclipsed by his more famous wife.

Stimulus Response:

Speaking of the cerebral, and how it relates to napkins (if at all), I had a clean-up the other day and came across a scrap piece of illustration from January '03, done half in pencil and half in red fine-liner. This was Veronica's attempt at demonstrating brain functions, but to me it still bears a morbid and uncanny resemblance to Spielberg's ET, beaten up, thrown out of his spaceship, left to die horribly and a chalk outline having been drawn around his mutilated body. Either that or a map of the Redlands, where 'M' represents all possible locations of Mount Cotton.


  - random selection from the unpublished memoire, Freefall