Source Code (dir. Duncan Jones)

Published in: Theaker’s Quarterly 37
(Summer 2011)

Pages: 122-123.

Editors: Stephen Theaker & John Greenwood

Publisher: Silver Age Books (UK)

ISBN: 1746-6083 (Print); 1746-6075 (Online)


Also known as:

A Stitch in Time.

Stimulus Response:

Duncan Jones, the erstwhile named Zowie Bowie, is a seriously good director, and one wonders if this would have been the case had he not thrown off the celebrity whimsy of his birth moniker. Creativity -- it's what sets us apart from rabid dogmatists and the breed of people who yell out, 'Taxi!' whenever someone breaks a glass; but what price the synaptic epiphany conjured from Hollywood dream-state and deemed strangely worthy of erecting in brash and bewildering letters on a birth certificate? Do Apple Paltrow (or rather, Martin) and Peaches Geldof sometimes wonder at their parents' predilection for fruit? One can only give thanks that Sally Field isn't overly (let alone forever) fond of strawberries, or Eric Bana of bananas, or Hugh Jackman of jackfruit. Paw Paw Gabor, anyone?


  - random selection from the unpublished memoire, Freefall