The Wall Live
by Roger Waters

Published in:
Theaker's Quarterly 40 (Spring 2012)

Pages: 89-95.

Editors: Stephen Theaker & John Greenwood

Publisher: Silver Age Books

ISBN: 1746-6083 (Print)

ISBN: 1746-6075 (Online)

REPRINTED: Theaker's Quarterly Blogspot (28 May 2012)

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I’ve got a big black pig with my poems on.

Stimulus Response:

Every concert is an experience, and although I don't have the opportunity to review them all, some moments do tend to leap out. My favourite ever comes from a performance by The Cure in 2007 where, a full twenty seconds into one of the songs, the bass player turned to Robert Smith and asked (I was close enough to lip-read; it was very clear), "What are we playing?"


  - random selection from the unpublished memoire, Freefall