Speculative Fiction

Rainbows of the Drought


Published in: The Never Never Land (Anthology) (2015)

Pages: 89-96.

Editors:  Mitchell Akhurst, Phillip Berrie,
Ian McHugh

Publisher:  CSFG (Canberra, Australia)

ISBN:   978-0-9775192-5-5

Link:  CSFG Never Never Land Anthology


Kate paused as a faint breeze sent ripples of golden yellow through the wattles; a restless shimmer across glistening scales. Then, from the corner of her eye: a twitch in one of the flame trees; a repositioning creak; and the first moist inklings of a tear. There was magic in the flowers, Kate was sure of it. The dragon trees were special.


  - random selection from the unpublished memoire, Freefall