The Plan to Kidnap Veny Armanno

Published in:  Perceptions (2016)

Pages: 111-127.

Editors:  Michael Vasquez & Megan Jones

Place of Publication:  Oregon, USA



It is 2009 and we are living in Paddington, in a share-house, the front room of which sports a magnificent fake chandelier that is too high to reach and whose 25-watt bulbs are falling slowly to attrition. These are dark days and we know there are darker still to come. When the last light finally blows, we'll have to move out and look for a new lease.

While soft-footed geckos snatch moths from the kitchen window, the four of us eat and talk and play Trivial Pursuit, our eyes occasionally drawn to the neighbours' bathroom where naked shapes move behind frosted glass. The die slides and skitters across the table, pinballing between shot-glasses and steiners filled with Coca-Cola. Roll again, roll again; and then, with a decidedly impish bump, a possum drops onto the roof.

Standish pauses, her pie-holder abandoned somewhere between history and art and literature. She looks up at us and says, "Let's kidnap Veny Armanno."


  - random selection from the unpublished memoire, Freefall