Pieces of Rhubarb

Published in: Ripples 19 (2010)

Pages: 22-26.

Editor:  S.J.Cousins

Place of Publication:  Victoria, Australia

ISBN: 1832-7516


In which the author and Veronica discover that communication is a farce... or sometimes not.

Stimulus Response:

I saw a sausage dog the other day, trotting along low to the ground just up from the traffic lights. (The dog, that is, not me; I was driving.) It turned its head back towards its hind legs and then scrabbled through an awkward half-circle, manoeuvring like a bus. The look on its face was so forlorn; so baffled; as if it were not only unsure of where it was going or where it had come from, but also whether or not it had even left yet. Sausage dogs probably experience this quite often, but we all have our moments. People usually describe it as surreal. I always think of rhubarb and ginseng.

  - random selection from the unpublished memoire, Freefall