Open Road, Open Window, Open Bonnet
The Bonnie Tale of the Bim-Mobile

Open road

Published in: Windmills 8 (2011)

Pages: 15-17.

Editors: Claire Duffy; Jamie King-Holden; Jo Langdon; Alyson Miller; Jessica Walter

Internal Illustration: Photograph by the author.

Publisher: Deakin University (Victoria, Australia)

ISBN: 1837-1205


"Besides," Jupiter put in, tactless as an old lump of Blu-Tack, "I'm the one who should be driving. It's a maze out there and you don't know the streets as well as I do. Trust me, I'm a taxi driver!"

The author watches grimly from the passenger's seat as Jupiter Byiittes trusts his instincts and Veronica is possessed by the spirit of mischievous traffic misdemeanour...

Stimulus Response:

I have one enduring memory of Jupiter's prowess behind the wheel; namely, from when he was heading north along the Gateway and running horrendously late. Having jinked his way into one of the 'no change given' lanes at the foot of the bridge, Jup decided that he could save valuable seconds if he didn't have to stop the car. Easing his foot off the accelerator and coasting towards the boom-gate, he readied the toll and threw from ten metres out, his prayer for greater speed turning to a strangled curse as only one of the coins jangled down into the catcher's gullet. The other missed and bounced away, sounding anything but golden as it hit the concrete. Jupiter scrabbled frantically for a replacement and threw wildly, missing again, before stamping on the brake pedal and jolting to a crash-test-dummy halt just centimetres shy of ramming the boom-gate. Still caught up in the panic, he conjured a handful of silver coins from the ashtray and hurled it toward the machine, which swallowed up his offering and spent several seconds digesting the situation. Eventually, the light flashed green - thank you - and the boom-gate raised itself. Jupiter gave an anguished cry and sped off over the rainbow, later than ever and the road behind him now paved with gold.


  - random selection from the unpublished memoire, Freefall