Speculative Shakespearean Fiction

An Insidious Soliloquy

An insidious soliloquy

Published in: Masques (2009)

Pages: 55-58.

Editor:  Gillian Polack & Scott Hopkins

Publisher:  CSFG (Canberra, Australia)

ISBN:   978-0-9775192-1-7



With death foretold - however cryptically - there seems little point in now making gestures of defiance; the futile shaking of one's spear. Better, perhaps, to trade banter with the spirit of predestination (though, to be sure, he is a one-sided and a wily old haggler); and perhaps, in the end, to embrace and to take solace in the dramatic irony of the stage thus set.

Stimulus Response:

I read Hamlet once and it irritated me no end - all that procrastination, all that not-being-able-to-act messing about, and yet all the while he's going on about predestination, which if you truly believe in it should have you embracing your desires as per a lucid dream. The only Shakespeare I'm happy with is Go, ye giddy goose - and even then, only when it's taken out of context.


  - random selection from the unpublished memoire, Freefall