(H)ER(G)E, Now and Forever
The Best Hugo Never Awarded

Best Hugo Never Awarded
Published in:
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 52 (2011)

Pages: 156-164.

Editor: David Kernot

Publisher: Andromeda Spaceways (Australia)

ISBN: 1446-781X



More than half a century has passed since Tintin and company pre-empted their American successors in conquering the moon. There is science. There is fiction. So where, one might ask, is Herge's Hugo?


ASIM has featured many excellent articles over the years and this trend continues with ‘Hergé, Now And Forever: The Best Hugo Never Awarded’. Written by Jacob Edwards, it explores the moon, in particular the French author's stories about Tintin. Anyone of a certain age will definitely remember the young explorer, his dog Snowy, Captain Haddock and Prof Calculus. Jacob Edwards argues, very decently, why the French author was never considered for a Hugo. An article you will enjoy!

- Rod MacDonald, 'Review of ASIM #52', SFcrowsnest (1 December, 2011)
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