Published in: The Drabbler 17
('When Food Attacks') (Oct 2010)

Page: 13

Editor:  Terrie Leigh Relf

Publisher: Sam's Dot Publishing (Iowa, USA)


Wherein comes an unexpected schism within the Feminist movement. [Translating Jade Alex Carbon.]

Stimulus Response:

Male writers seem often to be criticised for the dearth of female characters in their work. (When, that is, they aren't being lambasted for including said characters and presuming to know them.) Is this chauvinism? Sexism? Perhaps - but not necessarily in favour of the less fair sex. Sam Youd (aka John Christopher) was asked in an interview why his stories tend to feature males rather than females. His reply: 'In the early stages of [my] writing children's books, an experienced lady editor said that while girls read boys' books the converse was not true, and I may have been influenced by that.' It's an interesting thought: that male characters might be preferred not from any authorial sense of superiority, but rather because females are known to be better readers. (Mind you, the persistent feminist will then ask why boys won't read girls' books, so it's still not safe to go back in the water.) Another school of thought runs that females just don't have enough flaws to make good characters. Thus, we have no Steppenshewolf, no The Strange(he)r. But that's probably been debunked by now. Perhaps it was even with that in mind that Jade Alex wrote 'Deliberation'.


  - random selection from the unpublished memoire, Freefall