Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #55 (December 2012)

Cover Illustrator:  Inna Basman

Publisher: Andromeda Spaceways Publishing Co-op (Australia)

ISBN: 1446-781X



"Angel Air" by Jacob A Boyd

"Cullsman #9" by Michael John Grist

"Illuminated" by K J Parker

"First They Came..." by Deborah Kalin Recommended Reading, The Year's Best Australian Fantasy and Horrorlonglisted for Ellen Datlow's Best Horror of the Yearshortlisted for the Aurealis Awards!

Short Stories:  

"Mick’s Suit" by T A Robinson

"Attack of the Killer Space Lizards" by Tom Holt

"The New House" by Kate Rowe

"Hammer Fall" by John Birmingham

"The Wrong Righters: Zero-G" by Simon Messingham

"Paint by Numbers" by Dan Rabarts shortlisted for the Sir Julius Vogel Awards!

"Soul Blossom" by Lisa A Koosis

"Eternal Flame" by Stephen Gallagher longlisted for Ellen Datlow's Best Horror of the Year

Musical Interlude:  

"Bobby, You’re My Boy" by Richard O’Brien


"The Moon is Leaving" by Chris Hicks

"And If..." by David Knopfler


"Putting the Band Back Together (Editorial)" by Jacob Edwards

"I Owe it to Auntie: Spec-Fic TV and the Coming of Australia’s ’Fatty and George’ Generation" by Jacob Edwards

" Psilanthropy Misanthropy Lycanthropy Beholden: An Interview with Glen Duncan" by Jacob Edwards

Internal Illustrators:  
Sam Blanch
Gary McCluskey
Inna Basman


After reading Andromeda Spaceways (ASIM) #55 & #56 I'm pleased to learn that the anthology of short, new SF is not the ailing patient I thought it was. This volume contains intellectually and emotionally engaging work that is a credit to both the writers, and the editors who curate these collections..... For an anthology, there were a surprising number of stories I found myself thinking about days to weeks later, enough so that I'm going to start sourcing and reading back-issues. Many of the stories have broader insights into the human condition that I feel make for wider appeal than many more of the "robots & lasers" focussed SF collections. For example, I passed my hard copy of #55 onto a chum (who I'd consider a tough audience and not a hard core SF fan) - her comment: "I enjoyed every story in the mag: that's pretty rare, isn't it?" My thoughts exactly.

-- deus_ex_libris, Amazon (14 May 2014)

Another Australian magazine is Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. Issue #55 includes a new story by K. J. Parker, always a cause for celebration. "Illuminated", as with many of Parker's recent stories, looks cynically at a magic user trying to take advantage of an obscure spell. Here, a man and his younger female partner investigate an ancient watch tower and discover the remnants of the work of an ambitious mad wizard ... and, just possibly, a remarkable, if very dangerous, "form" (or spell). Just who, or what, holds the real power in dealing with this discovery is part of the question, darkly answered - the "form" itself is a scary invention as well.

-- Rich Horton, Locus 627 (April, 2013)

A few stories really stuck out for me, making me think about them long after I'd moved on to the next. 'Illuminated' by KJ Parker had an unlovable initial narrator, mostly thanks to his sexism, but the ideas and thematic elements made me keep coming back to it. Similarly, 'Angel Air' by Jacob A Boyd had a fairly unlikeable narrator but was surprisingly memorable and I think could be incorporated into a longer story/novel with the same setting. I couldn't help but like 'Attack of the Killer Space Lizards' by Tom Holt. It was humorous (as one would expect from Tom Holt) and, well, spoilers. The final story in this issue, 'First They Came...' by Deborah Kalin was surprisingly powerful. After a mix of serious and silly stories, I first expected it to be of the latter variety, but wow. I know which future Twelve Planet collection I'm most looking forward to now.

-- Tsana Dolichva, Tsana's Reads & Reviews (6 March, 2013)
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I thought some of the stories were really good and a bit special: ‘Hammer Fall’ by John Birmingham - alternate history in the making, the picture of Stalin was very real and chilling; Stephen Gallagher’s ‘Eternal Flame’ - a well-constructed story, enjoyable, too, but still didn’t ease the pain of filling up at the petrol station. Tom Holt was the author of a four-part story, scattered in the magazine throughout the other stories: ‘Attack Of The Killer Space Lizards’- a good story with a curious sense of humour. There was a good interview with the British author, Glen Duncan, conducted by Jacob Edwards. Interesting and worth reading! Deborah Kalin’s story, ‘First They Came’, becomes more and more menacing as it progresses - another special story which was brilliantly written! With plenty of other excellent material along with that mentioned above, #55 proved to be a thoroughly good magazine, probably the best of the last half dozen at least.

-- Rod MacDonald, SFcrowsnest (17 January, 2013)
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  - random selection from the unpublished memoire, Freefall