Abstract Portraiture
Karina Mowles in Profile

Abstract portraiture

Published in: Australian Women's Chess

League Bulletin 25.2 (May 2002)

Pages: 22-25.

Editor: Carol Holmes

Publisher: AWCL (New South Wales, Australia)

ISBN: 0155-7831


From 1997 to 2001 Karina Mowles proved to be a dominant force in Queensland women's and girls' chess. Several unusual factors contributed to her success, first among these being the personal qualities that make her an ideal - if atypical - role model for aspiring chess players.

Stimulus Response:

As Jupiter Byiittes might say, "Alright, I admit it. I'm a chess player!" There, the cat is out of the bag, coughing up hairballs and looking around balefully for quantum physicists. But of course, you meet interesting people playing chess. Some of them are even interesting in a good way. Salvador Dalí. Stephen Fry. Che Guevara. Bono's a chess player, puckish enough to have challenged Kasparov to a charity match (which the then world champion most cravenly turned down). Mind you, the really interesting ones tend to keep it to themselves, not unlike Mr Miyagi (never one to wax lyrical). Chess - the game that broke up ABBA. Say no more.


  - random selection from the unpublished memoire, Freefall